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Die unglaubliche Geschichte vom Mado

Das ist mir alles so vertraut... es war in Sommer am Meer.

way pingajob    Why Pingajob is the right one for you?

The answer is very short: Great efficiency. That is, with minimal efforts and without great costs, to achieve the optimal goal. Therefore, we have developed the technology PINGAJOB. This technique combined with a powerful search engine allows you to select the candidates by simple clicks. The goal is achieved when the candidates accept each other and come into contact.
The key words here are:
Send pings, receive pings, answer to pings. Everything through simple clicks.

what a we doing    What we do differently?

This is precisely the point (the right question). And here we say the first thing for us there is no application portfolios. We do not upload to a server any application forms, CVs, certificates, etc.
Employers do not have to sift through countless, often unwanted application portofolios, to sort it, to reply to it, etc..
Jobseekers do not have to create complex and expensive application portfolios, send and do after the bitter experience that they come back again.
Not negligible, is also a positive effect on the environment.

But what have to do, both, employers and job seekers at Pingajob, is a short and meaningful profile description.
Employers shows the required qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills for the offered job.
Jobseekers shows their qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills to a job to apply.
Your profile is the key to Your success.

advantages    Your advantages

After opening an account, as a registered customer, you can easily manage your account from your PC. And here are the main advantages:

  1. The advertisement has an impact both locally and across the EU. With your profile you can appeal to a desire region directly. It is sufficient to include this region in your profile description, the search engine do the rest.
  2. Employers can advert jobs in their city, or targeted to another town, country, or region. You can also actively search for candidates, not just wait as usual.
  3. Jobseekers have the same opportunities to post their profile, or specifically to look for jobs in their area or EU far.
  4. You can update your profile constantly. Even if you do not write a new text, the update will give your profile a fresh date, thus showing that your interest is present.
  5. You can also add new profiles.
  6. You can activate your profile (make visible) or disable (make invisible). As often as you want.
  7. You have a Statistics and access to all sent and received pings. And so you are able to sift the corresponding profiles again. The profiles shows the status of the pings too, for example: Profile has been read or not read, accepted or not accepted.
  8. You will receive an email message for each received ping. This feature can be disabled.
  9. Finally, you can delete your account completely. So you have everything under control, the choice is yours.

cost    What are the costs at Pingajob?

The use of PINGAJOB is Free

find profile    I can not find matching profiles

You have combed through our database and you have not found a suitable profiles to you and ask yourself, WHY SHOULD I OPEN AN ACCOUNT?
The answer is very simple: first the appeal of your profile will bring the right candidates to you.
Your profile is the key to Your success.

Do not hesitate and register for a free account.


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